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Roseanne P. Starkey

Attorney at Law

Roseanne Starkey

Prior to her current practice areas, Ms. Starkey was an insurance defense, family law and estate litigator. Her litigation experience has helped her become aware of how transactional attorneys may assist their clients in avoiding some litigation and saving thousands of dollars before the threat of litigation begins. She has served on the Avon Grove Charter School Board for 8 years as President and Vice President. She was very active as the Chair of the Human Resources Committee and a member of the Finance Committee. 

When not practicing law she works with the small family business, as CFO, in which her husband operates. Having run a family business for 22 years, Ms. Starkey is aware and understands the challenges businesses face regarding compliance with regulations and handling employee matters. Ms. Starkey graduated from Rutgers School of Law and received a Bachelor’s Degree from Widener University.

Member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association

Chester County and Lancaster County Bar Associations

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